Remuneration policy

Remuneration policy of Signet Pensiju Pārvalde IPAS (hereinafter – the Company) is provided in the Personnel and Remuneration Policy.

Remuneration policy consists of the remuneration system that enables the Company to attract and motivate employees of a suitable qualification, at the same time avoiding assumption of excessive risks, while evaluating the long-term impact of the transactions carried out by them. It is designed to avoid undertaking risks unsuitable for the mutual funds and pension plans under the management of the Company, as well as their prospects and operation terms, as well as to not limit the ability of the Company to ensure stable financial condition and solvency, complies with the Company’s investment strategy, as well as conservative and efficient risk management.

The Council of the Company is responsible for determining main principles of remuneration policy, for approving remuneration policy and for implementing its supervision. The Board of the Company is responsible for developing remuneration policy according to principles determined by the Council and for developing, approving and implementing other regulations and procedures appropriate to remuneration policy

Management and employees have fixed remuneration but they might receive variable remuneration - bonus or employee stocks. The Council of the Company may decide to provide bonus to the management for special achievement in contributing to growth of the Company and at the suggestion of the Board may decide on bonus budget for employees, as well as the Council of the Company decides on employee stock distribution if the Company issues employee stocks.

The positions affecting the risk profile in the Company are stipulated in accordance with Regulations No. 154 by the Financial and Capital Market Commission “Regulation on Core Principles of the Remuneration Policy for the Managers of Investment Management Companies and Alternative Investment Funds”. These positions in the Company are as follows: members of the council and the board, asset manager, risk analyst, transaction supervision specialist, compliance specialist, lawyer, head of investment management department, investment analyst, senior investment services specialist, senior process analyst, internal auditor, financial instrument accounting specialist. The remuneration of the board of the Company and the positions, in which the remuneration is equal to or higher than the lowest level remuneration in the group of positions of the Company’s board members, is determined by the Council of the Company. The remuneration of the Council members is approved by the meeting of the shareholders.

The information on the remuneration policy applied by the Company in 2022 is available in the Company’s annual report for the year 2022.


Information published on 17.04.2023.

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