Myth busting: “I’m not likely to live till my pension!”

Everyone wants to have a comfortable life in retirement, but only a few make savings every month, because daily expenses always seem to be more important in the moment and the retirement seems to be too far to be bothered.

How much money do you lose staying with 2nd pillar pension plan not suitable for you?

Tens of thousands of Latvian citizens have been investing their pension accruals in plans not suitable for their age, which seriously decreases the amount of their future pension.

Is your 2nd pillar pension capital safe?

Speaking about 2nd pillar pension, a question often arises with people, if their pension capital is safe – where it is kept and who is supervising it.

What to do with your 2nd pillar pension capital upon market downfall?

If you are more than 8 years away from your retirement age, it is highly likely that you will go through at least one more economic downfall, which will affect your 2nd pillar pension capital at that time. Especially, if a major part of it was invested in stock.

Regarding the restriction on transactions with the investment certificates of ABLV High Yield CIS USD Bond Fund

In response to the Russia's destabilizing actions in Ukraine, the European Union and the US OFAC have imposed new sanctions on Russia in unprecedented scale, including targeting the Russian credit institutions and making it difficult or impossible to perform the settlement transactions with the respective credit institutions. As a result of the imposed sanctions, also the transactions with and settlement of the financial instruments issued by the Russian issuers are not executed or are restricted, because the financial market participants, including within the European Union, have set restrictions on trading with the respective financial instruments.

On resuming the transactions with the investment certificates of the mutual funds managed by ABLV Asset Management, IPAS

ABLV Asset Management, IPAS (hereinafter – the Company) has completed the transfer of the assets of the mutual funds to the accounts of the new custodian bank and will completely resume the transactions with the investment certificates on 04.01.2022. With the change of the custodian bank and resuming the transactions with the investment certificates, the Company has fully ensured the necessary conditions on continuation of the operations of the mutual funds in accordance to the operating plan that has been developed under the supervision of the Financial and Capital Markets Commission.

ABLV Asset Management, IPAS changes the company name to Integrum Asset Management IPAS and introduces new brand and visual identity

In accordance with the decision of the meeting of the shareholders dated December 14, 2021, ABLV Asset Management, IPAS company name has been changed and a new brand and visual identity introduced. Henceforward ABLV Asset Management, IPAS company name will be Integrum Asset Management IPAS (hereinafter — the Company).

Amendments in Relation to ABLV Mutual Funds

This is to inform that on 16 November 2021 the Financial and Capital Market Commission registered the amendments to the prospectus and regulations of mutual funds under management of ABLV Asset Management, IPAS.

7 facts that you might not have known about the second pillar pension

Over the years the total savings in Your second pillar pension account might exceed thousands of euro. In order to help you to navigate through the questions regarding the management of your capital, we have collected the key information that you might not have known.

5 criteria you should pay attention to in your second pillar pension account statement

Find out how the value of your capital has changed since joining the second pillar pension.

Will I lose a part of the pension upon changing my second pillar pension plan?

When assessing the possibilities to change the existing asset manager to an alternative one, the participants often ask whether during the change of the investment plan they will lose any part of their savings? So how is it in reality?

"How to assign the second pillar pension plan for inheritance?"

Since January 1, 2020 any participant of the second pillar pension who has not yet claimed the retirement pension can fill in an electronic form and assign his/her accumulated pension capital for inheritance.

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